​Sweet Tooth Tour

​​What to expect

  • The sweetest, most delicious treats to be found in Jersey.

  • A family friendly guided stroll, no more than 2 km, usually starts at 11.00am. There are oodles of stops for tastings and amusing tales.

  • Children aged five and under are welcome to join us free of charge, approp​riate tasters will be provided, just let us know on the booking form. ​

  • Be bowled over by new flavours and savour memorable favourites.

  • Enjoy the glorious coastal scenery, rest by an ancient castle, relax on golden sand.

  • All this and a goody bag to take home.

​Highlights of the Tour 

​​​Would you like to ​try Jersey fudge or salted caramel sauce?  What about local honey or strawberry jam spread on a slice of fresh cabbage loaf?

​​​Have you heard of the Jersey Wonder?  What about Black Butter?  We have local producers of brioche, chocolate truffles, pasteis de nata, sorbets and so much more!

​Each Jersey cow produces 20 litres of milk a day. Local producers use this to make many sweet treats including Jersey Ice-cream in many flavours, do you want to try some?


  • If, like me, you adore discovering new tastes, revisiting food memories and ​a gentle stroll in the beautiful scenery of Jersey then Jersey Food Tours will be just your thing!  
  • You can book ​as an individual, couple or small group; holiday-makers or locals. 
  • Your enthusiastic guide will make your tour personal, mouth-watering and fun...

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