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I adore this island, I am a passionate believer in supporting local producers and chefs.  I love meeting new people and I enjoy telling a tale.  If I can make my food choices by being mindful of seasons, regions and sustainability then what ends up on my plate must be delicious and satisfying.  I am so proud of Jersey, the variety of cuisines, the appreciation of history but mostly the amazing beaches.  If I can make your day more fun and introduce you to some local foodie delights then I will be thrilled.

​Clare Minihane, Founder



“​I love a food tour, such a fun way to discover hidden gems and new tastes. Clare and her team are really engaging and certainly know food, their passion is infectious.  I would heartily recommend Jersey Food Tours, but take my advice, arrive hungry! ”

​​Philippa Toudic (Rozel Camping Park)

Meet our Team s

​Clare ​

​I have lived in Jersey from the age of six leaving to study to become a cookery teacher.  When I go on holiday I spend my days searching out food markets, farm shops and vineyards and my evenings relaxing in cafes and restaurants.  My holiday souvenirs are predictably food related.  We are a family ​business and I am pleased to introduce my daughters to you …  

​Katie ​

We have been raised on fresh, local food and these dishes are still my favourites today. Whether that’s Jersey beef and lobster (surf and turf at its best!), Jersey Royal potatoes covered in butter or a simple cheese sandwich made with freshly baked cabbage loaf. Ideally I’d finish every meal with something sweet, ice cream being a particular favourite! I can think of nowhere else I would rather be than Jersey and I love to get to the beach whenever I can with my husband and little boy for sea swims, picnics and quality family time.


​I loved growing up in Jersey. I would spend my summers swimming, surfing, kayaking and pier jumping, pausing to have a crab sandwich at one of Jersey’s fantastic beach cafes. In the mild winters I would play hockey, which is still a hobby of mine, before getting cosy by the fire. Every Sunday we would have a big family roast dinner (rolled rib of Jersey Angus beef being a family favourite). Now, when I’m not teaching, I love showing off the island to my friends visiting from England. My food hell is definitely whelks but a warm Jersey wonder and a punnet of succulent Jersey strawberries is my heaven!

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Thank you to all of you we were able to take on a tour this year and those who enquired but haven’t been able to join us.  Regretfully we will end our 2020 summer season at the end of August and won’t be taking any more bookings this year.